360 flip LATE flip
I’ve been actively skateboarding about half of my life. I’m now 36. But honestly, for the last six years didn’t really do nothing to progress with new tricks. But this year in march something happened. I got the call from ‘The SKATE Spirit’ and jumped back on my skate and started with basic kick-flips, shove-its, one footers etc… I picked up quickly from where I paused and suddenly decided that it might be a good time to film something I did waaay back in previous millennium: The almighty 360 flip LATE flip.
…Photos by Jan Begiblaze Beguš…
Something impossible? Not really! With the good attention support by new friend Jan Begiblaze, who was still recovering from his ‘broken-hand’ accident and was taking care of cam, we went out in local ‘sad-park’ and filmed the trick in about 45 minutes. Booyaa… The flying source landed in northern part of Slovenia with no problems and was soon enough posted on Youtube;)
So to all of you youngsters out-there, having doubts about your skate tricks in long distant future, one thing is sure: It’s like riding a bicycle… You just can’t forget it!!!
…U just can’t 4get…
Skateboarding is not really a joke, but it sure is entertaining and dangerously safe sport. Even better reason to see the new Slovenian skateboard video called TONIHEC (Eng.This’NoJoke) by Obsession. Awesome riders, unique spots from Europe to North Africa… Great lines, gaps, combos and humor… Smooth ‘local’ music, editing and successful theatre premiere… Something to experience… TONIHEC…
An do remember, better 360 flip LATE flip, than NEVER…
Dalaj Eegol
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#1   bomba dne 17.11.2009 21:06

sick trick, glede na to da skejtal nisi res velik. 5 sem zvezdic dal poleg gibajočih slik in preden to sem spisal, nisem sploh do pol pokadil čik, sem namreč rimajoči frik, sfuram flip in kick, heela se bojim, ker skejt dobim v dick.

ok, dovolj bo. Lepo se imej Indiji =)


Komentiranje iz tujine je omogočeno zgolj prijavljenim uporabnikom !